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    Default Star Wars Reimagined

    Hello Zbrushers, I will like to share my final work for the Star Wars Reimagined competition that took effect at cgplus.com final date of January 31, 2016.
    I never finished the character due to insecurities on how it looked and if it was worth posting it and believe me I'm still having those feelings.
    But with your comments, critics, opinions, etc will help me out later for others characters.

    Work was done in Zbrush, Keyshot and Photoshop.

    Happy Zbrushing, and thanks a million to Pixologic for creating a friendly software for 3D creations.

    Your Zbrush brother.

    Carlos Lee

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    That's a good work!

    Perhaps the cape need more love, it doesn't look natural, especially in a spaceship deck where their is no wind
    And perhaps you should work as well on the composition (shadows and stuff). Each item individually is good, but combined together, it lacks something.
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