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    Default Abraham's Dive into ZBrush

    This has been my first week working with ZBrush and I am looking for any advice I can get on how to get better. Although I am enrolled in class at my college I would also like to get feedback from the rest of the ZBrush community. This is for my first assignment in the class where we had to make 5 heads based on a basic tool. I chose the DemoHead and just went wild. The one I am the most proud of is the fourth one down which is supposed to resemble the joker. Advice on that piece in particular would be appreciated.

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    Default newest homework assignment

    This was my newest project for class. It was to make a head bust in 3DS Max and then load it into zbrush and basically make it better. So I did everything for this one

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    this was my first attempt at modeling with z-spheres and I think it is apparent that it did not go well. any advice would be really helpful.

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    this was the secondary pass for my zsphere character and it is not good at all. any help or advice that can be given to me for this project and for the future would be amazing
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    this was a zbrush assignment where i took the project from zbrush and had to pose it in max. i had a lot of trouble with exporting out the maps from zbrush and instead had to make the textures in max. please comment with any advice

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    this was for this weeks homework assignment. we had to make an object and then texture it and just make it look nice in general. if anyone has any tips for me I am all ears and would love to hear them

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