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    Lightbulb Hard Surface Carving with Curve Insert Brushes and Dynamesh (Intermediate)

    Hello everybody. I have come up with a technique to perform clean hard surface carvings using Curve Insert Brushes with the new Dynamesh Boolean operation based on Subtools.

    This illustrated tutorial shows you how to generate a mesh much like you would with a Sweep Modifier in 3dsMax, and use it to perform Boolean operations on the underlying surface.

    Hope you find it useful

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    Very useful however I think it is already in vid tutorial format, either from pixologic classroom or in the siggraph vids
    Never the less very nice image tutorial :-)

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    Indeed, the Siggraph videos did cover the Dynamesh new features.
    This tutorial is more about how to create this particular kind of Negative mesh, and the importance of the Imbed slider in the Subtractive process. Without the Imbed, you can't carve anything using this technique

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