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    Yes I know game models are triangulated. But you lose the abilty to select Edge-loops when you triangulate. You should wait till after UV-Map to triangulate.

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    justadeletedguy re

    I always UV unwrapped as soon as my model is done, before triangulating! I don't see your point on this one :P
    I know you like that little application and I did look into, it is pretty cool.
    But I am an old school guy, I have my pipeline flow and I've been using it for around 12 years, always worked for me
    I used to work with Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Some Zbrush in the 2.0 versions etc...
    And then I later adapted my pipeline about 4 years ago for open source and worked with sculptris, blender, gimp and mypaint ever since and I love it and it works well for me

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