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    Default First Digital Sculpt. Hard Surface Power armor.

    Hi hi everyone! This would be my first post in this forum ever!

    I have never done any drawing/ digital media until just recently and i wanted to start this thread both to boost my moral as i finish the last bits(always the hardest aye?) and to get some really good constructive feedback. Im a pretty thick skinned individual so bring it on.
    Alright anyhow lets jump in:

    This is my first attempt at a sculpture in any computer based program,
    In an effort to continually take my company to a higher level me an several of the practical sculptors at the shop have taken on project challenges. The project is to go from 2d sketch, to 3d design, to physical product by the end of august.

    The project i have taken on is this:
    A Suit of power armor large enough to carry a Small artillery weapon.
    So im gonna upload the progress i have already made and continue to do so as we keep moving through the design phase.

    Sketches: Here is a rough Concept Sketch drawn by my project partner Joshua Cole.

    3D- Ok so i took on the task of 3d model. I downloaded Sculptris for the event and watched a metric ton of tutorial videos. This is my first actual go at a project in any 3d media so its been a lot of learning as i go.
    This model is just of the armor, the gun i will tackle last and separately. Most of what i have left is minor tweaking and finishing stuff on the main body and I'm still in the blocking phase for the arms and boots.
    All in all i have spent about 20 hours on this sculpt and its hovering around 2mil triangles. *edit* oh and i have since shrank the boots to a more proportionate size since blocking them out so they look less like he is wearing Tonka Truck Boots =p

    Let me know what you guys think. I could use all the advise i can get.

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    Default I think it's cool, bro...

    ...coming along nicely. I haven't the faintest idea what I'm doing yet either. I just joined today, and so far, all my life, I've only done traditional work. This change is pretty intimidating!
    (I've been away from this site for a year or more. I'm back Zbrushing now, because I finally got my Wacom Cintiq. I didn't like my Intuos, because I couldn't get used to coordinating my hand and eye separately. What a STEEP learning curve this is! Anyways, I'm back practicing, folks. Wish me luck!)

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