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    Hi guys
    thanks again for all your kind words, it really means a lot to me!
    I check out the work of every one who comments, and I am very impressed and inspired
    by all the fantastic work and growing talent on this forum! Keep it up guys!
    Here are more contributions to my expanding sketchbook.

    The lioness is a really rough sketch, and I know it's a bit selfindulgent to show that many images,
    but I just render out views that I want to see myself, and maybe you want to get a better sense of the whole model too.

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    Default Overview/Overkill

    I also made a chart of 48 studies from this thread,
    so if you see one you like, you'll find it in different perspectives
    (and other materials) on the previous pages, and a black-and-white ebook too.
    Ctrl-Zoom out if you find the renders to big, as I do now!
    The chart is not a ranking though, some of the better ones are well hidden in ze mittel,
    and at the end.
    And of course the hair is better, because in small renders it gets pixelated.

    It has been a pretty productive year for me, thanks to this amazing software ZBrush,
    thanks to Pixologic! The last releases really set me on fire.
    I just wouldn't do as much if I had to use another software for
    retopo, hair and rendering/post. So Dynamesh, Fibermesh and the BPR-Filters are
    not just convenient new features, they change everything about the preceding process:
    Because while you're sculpting, you just know you will nail your ideas and expressions down
    to a final image in a short time, before they grow cold on you or get diluded.
    That frees your mind from a lot of baggage, which increases creativity and experimenting.
    And that is what I wanted my sketchbook to be all about!

    It's important to struggle for perfection in big projects, but the importance of studies
    and sketches is in the process, and their strength lies in numbers
    Thank you so much for looking and commenting, and staying tuned for more!

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    I've said it before, and i'll say it again. Amazing work dude. I especially like the ones with hair. You have definitely mastered Fibermesh grooming. The last single one (Jack Black sasquatch ) is really cool.
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    nebular, arabas, santis, tomjane7, zber2:
    Thanks guys, you're very kind! Appreciated!

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    Fantastic characters, watching!

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    To me there's Top Row stuff in here.

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    Make a Chimera!
    Looking for full-time, part-time, or freelance work.

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    It's so cool to see them all at once. The lion is really scarry - great work , the expression is very real, even if it's rough sketch it gives everything!

    Oh, is it Bruce Willis on the last image, third head counting from the very last one ?

    And thanks for stopping by!
    My Sketchbook - please visit and leave me some C&C to help me immprove myself

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    @bakedbeing: thanks so much man! glad you like it!
    @austinbath: good idea! goes on my list, which is pretty long though
    @nebular: yeah thats bruce! cool that you recognized him from the thumb alone!
    And thanks, fellow lion-sculptor! I thought about taking the lioness further, giving her fur etc., but sometimes you're losing more than your gaining by polishing a decent sketch.
    Often the rough stuff is more expressive. Thats why I love alexleias (Alex Oliviers) work...
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    Really nice work, I particularly like the caricatures and the lioness is looking lovely, keep it up and look forward to your Fibremesh tutorial.

    Have fun

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    Done last night. Remains a sketch!
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    Default Plans

    I think he actually works better as an even rougher sketch with less detail.
    After the detailed studies of pages 1-3 and some experiments on pages 4-5 mainly concerning polypainting, materials, rendering and posing, I want to do something different.
    So I'll focus on rough sketches of bodies and heads, like the lioness and this last image. I want to achieve expressive, raw sculpts with some motion in them (not so much the standard t-pose) and moody colors.
    Wish me luck
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    Oh wow, this stuff is top drawer! Loving all the head sculpts and the big cat, gorgeous!!
    "Better smeg, than dead..."

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    Default Body Study

    Hi guys,
    a body I want to throw out there. Just a study, pretty fast and uneven in places
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