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    Default Lionel Cornelius Jr - Sketchbook

    Starting a general sketchbook this time to drop my sketch things, projects, wips and stuff in.

    First one for 2016 is the Grand Inquisitor for the Star Wars Reimagined contest over on CG+

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    Found some time to mess with this over the weekend. Mainly playing around with design and shapes at the moment. Hope I can get more time refine this coming week so I can move on to posing and building that light saber.

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    forgot to post these. More progress on Grand Inquisitor. Added some detail, still exploring shapes, etc. I need to finalize this so I can get it in by the deadline.

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    welp, this wraps up my first completed project for 2016. Had a lot of fun, made some mistakes, got aggravated, hated this piece and then loved it again. Really glad I stuck it out and finished. With that said, here's my final entry for the Star Wars Reimagined contest.

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    Quickie Deadpool sketch after watching the movie.

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    I love the simplicity of your dead pool. Your overall composition is great.

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    owlhowelll - thanks for the kind words

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    couple of things I'm working on now:

    John Henry:
    I wanted to dig into this concept or idea of John Henry and who he was as a folk hero.
    I was pretty unaware of his story until watching the short by Disney with my son. Since then, John has been on my mind.
    I've also been wanting to get into doing sculptures with the potential of printing them. So I married the two ideas here.
    So I'm still very much into the blocking phase at this point, with a rough-ish pose. I like where it's at so far but would love to
    get some feedback from the community if anything stands out as odd at the moment.

    This one started as bust, or it was supposed to be just that. I like the way it was going so I continued working on it. During the creation of this one, I started
    a new workflow process for myself using insert mesh brushes. I created the brushes from other models that I've made in the past, using those as base. The goal was to see how quickly I could
    get a character put together, thus worrying less about anatomy and construction techniques and more on design and shape language. Not so sure I'm successful
    yet but it's a start . Again, crits are welcome...I'm here to learn like everyone else.

    Cable bust I worked up first

    Then went back to refine the body a bit using insert mesh. I wanted to retain the sculpting process a bit so the pieces I used are
    not final at all. Just a decent base to work from instead of starting completely from scratch with ZSpheres, like I usually do.

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    Found a little more time to work on Cable yesterday. Still in blocking phase and figuring things out, which I'm starting to believe is my favorite part of the creation process. May try to block out the gun today...we'll see.

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    Bison fan art. Love playing with this dude on SFV.

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    little more work on Mr henry. Changed the pose slightly and now experimenting with a base.

    also, some other random stuff i did last week:


    and random girl from a concept I found on pinterest

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