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    Default SciFi tubing IMM brush

    Just released this - if you can't afford the $1 just gimme an email and i will send to you for free


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    Default IMM Fingers & Toes

    Hello everyone

    I would like to share with you guys a new version of my IMM Fingers, now called IMM Fingers & Toes.
    This brush is used to quickly blockout fingers and toes.


    I hope you have fun with it.


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    Default Embroidery Stitches IMM

    (I *thought* I had these posted a long time ago to this thread, but...guess I failed to do so! Sorry 'bout that!)

    My first contribution to the ZBrush community:

    I usually work with Marvelous Designer, making garments, but have been exploring ZBrush for making the decorations for them. I have come up with a number of Inssert Mesh brushes that recreate embroidery stitches. They are probably (quite!) crude and could stand touching up by an expert, but (IMHO) for a beginner, they look just like the real things. Meant for high poly detail work, since I usually do still images and am not concerned about poly count, they could probably be baked down for low-poly work, I suppose.

    (I should mention that the Satin Stitch is based on an idea by dmitry7365 in his thread... it helped me get the look I wanted...my original 'Satin Stitch' looked more like a ribbon, as I couldn't figure out how to taper the ends, until I studied hos posting with screenshots of his work.)


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    Thanks so very much. Seems upon viewing your offering there at ShareCG I downloaded them but I guess I must have lost them in a crash or something so thanks again for posting again! HUGS
    ---Wolff On The Prowl---

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    Hi Rosemaryr, these look very useful! Thanks for sharing...Pen

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