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    Default Goz going to wrong program

    Hi Peeps heres a quick question if anyone can help me when i hit GOZ to send my model to (MODO) it automatically sends it to Sculptris i have tried the (force installation of path to modo ) or whatever it says sorry i cant remember and am not at my pc , but it gives me no option of what program to send to ie photoshop, modo lightwave etc.. so how do i get it to specifically send direct to modo i am using the 4r4 of zb and modo 601 sp2 64bit is there a conflict with ZB being 32 bit as sometimes it sends my model to daz studio pro also 64bit though so i am confused all i want to do is get my damn meshes into Modo at the mement i am saving as obj thrn importing its crazy somebody please help im in despair !

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    To the right of the GoZ buttons in the Tool palette is a small button with 'R' on it. Press that to change the default program.

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    Thanks marcus i read the manual page by page and must of missed that i have been stumped for weeks ! cheers again pal.

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