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    Hello guys,

    I love to try free softwares and decided to give a shot at sculptris, for my first time i decided to go with something simple but i'm still facing a few issues as i can't paint it, the various steps are way too long.

    I'm here to learn so any advice is welcome

    All my sculptures will be in this thread.
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    I think if you decapitated Gene Simmons and boiled the flesh of his head--this sculpture is what you would get.

    Nice first try--I like it very much!

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    Thank you, for my second sculpture i'm trying to make something human :

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    Caricature of John Locke :

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    Raziel WIP

    Critics are welcome.


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    Had some free time and decided to try sculptris again and began a Joker, any advice to advice to help me to progrees is welcome

    Edit : Reworked it, preveiw in Blender because Sculptris gives me an error since i removed the symmetry

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    Tryed to sculpt another face

    Not satisfied with the sideburns i'll get rid of them. Ant feedback/advice would be appreciated.

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    Try at Bruce Willis

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    Wolverine Bust

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    Serj Tankian Bust WIP

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    Lemmy Kilmister

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    Lemmy Kilmister sculpted and textured in sculptris, rendered in DAZ Studio

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    Currently working on a sad jester

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    Got bored and made this Nosferatu-like creature

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