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    Default DynaMesh Subtraction Workaround for 3D printing

    Hi folks,

    I have been working with Dynamesh for for 3D printing, and its great. Something that I wanted to be able to do is make a socketed joint using DynaMesh subtraction, for parts of a model that have to be removed for making molds, or otherwise printed separately, for any number of technical reasons. normally a pin or plug set would be made in a 3D package and placed on the locations that need to be connected.

    I wanted to make these connection pairs in Zbrush but currently the InserMesh brushes are somewhat limited in that you can't pick a subtool keeping its size and location to do a dyanmesh mesh extraction. you first have to turn it into a brush and then by eye put it to the location you need, then when you are done with the extraction you have to do it all again to make your plug align with the extraction you just made.

    I figured out that if you make a clone or duplicate the subtool right after you Insert the mesh subtrtaction but before you apply the extraction you can use the clone to then break apart the polygroups to get a positive copythat is the exact size and location of the part you are about to subtract.

    Here is a short tutorial that explains the process, its my first tutorial its not very polished but, I hope someone finds it helpful.

    -Jeremy Ortiz

    link to video:

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    Really helpful thanks. I will need to be using this on my next project. I agree with you however, in that I hope Pixologic make a change which allows this to be done without the manual bit.

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    Thank you for sharing this!

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