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    Hey there. So I have a question/request about Subtools in Zbrush. I know you can merge them down to one another, but I have a set up subtools that I do not want to have merged down. I want to be able to group them together and be able to transfer them from file to file without having to go back and forth and append each one. Basically it would be a "Group to Folder" action that would collapse each subtool selected into a folder so you could append it between different ZTools. I am not sure if this is possible with a little scripting or a way to create it? Just thought it may be a good suggestion for the next update.



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    It's not possible to do this through scripting. However, if you want to append all the subtools from one model to another, SubTool Master's Multi Append function will do it. (You need to load the ZTL from disk.)

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    More importantly, this is sensible, professional working practice; scrolling through 100+ subtools is a nightmare... Alt click helps, of course, but if you accidentally click the eye on your active subtool, all of a sudden everything is visible and you do have to go through each one to turn off anything that is test or variant and shouln't be visble.
    I really hope they fix this one way or another for v5, because imho it makes n sense the way it currently stands

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