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    Default More lighting solutions

    So here are tons of HDRI with alot of various uses. Im making the link to the Free set but there are ones you can pay for or become a member and I give members 10 new HDRI each month. If your a member then you get access to all the Zbrush brushes as well as all the library now, and from now on.

    Free Zbrush brushes here https://gum.co/TalS01
    • There are 16 individual Zbrush stroke type brushes all free.

    And free HDRI here https://gum.co/KFJRHDRiFree01
    • The HDR library is currently at 75 HDRI and its growing by 10 every month. Jump in now and see!

    Zbrush tech brushes.
    • The Zbrush IMM brushes is currently at 160 brushes.


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    Default FREE HDRI Studio lighting set 02


    Brand new Studio lighting. Made from LED and Ring light setups the 3 point, color, ring focal setups will aid in the reality of your product shot renders.
    • 25 HDR images in the LAT LON format.

    • Each HDRi is a type of studio lighting for interior product renders and closeups specifically.
    • Ready for use in any 3D packages supporting the use of HDRI such as Maya, Max, Zbrush, Keyshot,Cinema 4D and more. Essentially whatever flavor you prefer.

    See you soon, enjoy!
    Garry Lewis - Kungfujackrabbit Studio

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