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    Default Wacom Intuos Airbrush + ZBrush = ZAirbrush!

    ZAirbrush is a ZPlugin/Application that intercepts messages from the Wacom driver in order to enable a few cool features on ZBrush, such as:

    - Stylus Tracking: Got a regular grip pen and an airbrush for your wacom tablet? When you pick and use one or the other, ZB will remember the last brush you used with that pen and bring it back when you pick it up again.

    Only have one pen? No problem: the same is true if you switch between the tip and the eraser.

    - Wheel control: This one is specific to the airbrush, as it enables you to use the finger wheel to control Draw Size, Z and RGB Intensity. As a bonus, you can use the button close to the wheel to cycle between these 3 modes.

    - Extended touch ring controls: Buttons and hotkeys for you to customize your Intuos Touch Ring in order to change the Draw Size, Z Intensity, Rgb Intensity and to cycle back and forth through your alpha and brush libraries.

    I'm still finishing everything up, polishing some rough edges, and I really could use a few beta testers... so if you're interested, please send me a private message and I'll send you the files and the how-to's.

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    Default And so we hit another wall

    Had some time to play with the plugin and found out that it actually does not work.

    To cut the story short, all the functionalities are there, but once it is on, you lose a great deal of pressure precision in ZB, and in the end it just doesn't make much sense to break one thing in order to gain another....

    Back to the drawer... maybe in another year, another idea will come.

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    Default I am interested

    I am interested please remind about this plugin thanks to truedigital@hotmail.es

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    Hi I'm interested too, maybe some functionality for Cintiq expressKeys and scroll/zoom straps would be cool.
    don't be discourage man keep up Zscripting and we'll Zairbrush test it.

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    This needs to happen. I also have the wacom airbrush and want to use the wheel.

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