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    Default Little Help Please

    I'm on a mac and I just need some assistance installing the plugin properly. I'm having some trouble doing it on my own. Thanks in advance fellow zbrushers.
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    First thanks for the great tools. Respect for sharing and caring

    What I noticed is that NickTools works nicely on 32bit ZBrush version, while I get different errors when trying to use them in 64bit version.
    I installed the script in both folders, ZPlugs64, and ZPlugs.

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    In the spirit of the holidays I'm finally updating this with the scripts I have been using for awhile and 64bit Zbrush should now work with them.

    New Stuff includes:
    Mis Scripts
    - InflateB: Toggles between your current brush and the inflate brush at max size. This is used to inflate the whole subtool similar to the inflate in the deformation menu.
    - Mat2Similar: Fills subtools your active material to all subtools with the same pointcount.
    - CopySym2All: Copies the current subtool Symmetry settings to all visible subtools.

    BPR Geo
    - Dynamic All: Use the "On" or "Off" switches to toggle Dynamic SubDivision on or off for all visible subtools.
    - ApplyDynamicAll: Commits the Dynamic SubDivision for all visible subtools.
    - Array Mesh All: Use the "On" or "Off" switches to toggle Array Mesh on or off for all visible subtools.
    - BPR2Geo All: Converts your BPR Geo to meshes for all visible subtools. Use the GoZ switch to automatically send those meshes to your Goz app.


    - Brush Settings Toggle: Applies the toggled settings to most of your loaded brushes. A few brushes are skipped based on name. Those include: Mask, Trim, Transpose, Select, Slice, Groom, Zremesher, Zmodeler, Zproject, and Topology.

    Make SubD Levels
    - Make SubD Lvls: Will attempt to recreate subD levels using your current Zremesher settings.
    - All Vis: Will recreate subD levels for all visible subtools. This may take a long time.
    - AutoDetect: By default Make SubD Levels it will autodetect how many levels you need get back to your current pointcount.
    - Projection: Enables projecting details back to the subdivided mesh. Increases run time.
    - CapProjection: Enabled to increase speed and performance. Stops projection after a certain pointcount is met. Controlled by the ProjCap PCount slider.
    - Relaxed: Applies the Zremesher process twice resulting in a more relaxed topology.
    - Delete Source: Enabling will prompt you to delete a "PolyStar" temp object to get rid of the "Delete Confirmation" popup. After this your un-subdivided source mesh will be deleted after the Make SubD Lvls script is ran.
    - SubD Levels: If autodetect is off then you can manually set how many SubD Levels you want per subtool.

    Get it on Gumroad

    Get it on the CubeBrush store

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    Hi Nick
    On my end the InflateB button switches to max size though not the Inflate Brush but rather the Mask Pen Brush (including the 'active masking brush' popup)
    Am I doing something wrong?

    thanks for the update anyway :-)

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    Awesome stuff Nick! Love the Make SubD Levels, especially for quick topology needs from Dynameshed objects. Thanks very much!

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