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    My rhino attempt.

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    Hey there!
    I am new here and just recently started to work with Zbrush... I think you're rhino is looking quite real (maybe a bit dull eyes) but otherwise really good stuff man! So good that I wanna ask you something: Can you pls tell me how you did the wrinkles around his mouth/ horn? Thx a lot and keep up the good work

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    hi Yumme, sorry for late reply. i start out planning a rough sketch of how the wrinkles form. Using stardard brush and pull out the form.
    Here is my studies for hair. Ar.. there some strange in the eye.. cant really tell what's the problem. anyone could help me out.

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    It looks like you have the iris and pupil painted on a sphere (? correct me if I'm wrong). The iris is actually flat (as if the front of the sphere for the eyeball has been cut off), with a transparent membrane (the cornea) over it.

    Here's an image of a dissected eye that might be useful. The white of the eye (sclera) and the cornea have been half cut away, so you can see the true shape of the iris and pupil from a side view without any refraction through the cornea:

    Hope that helps

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