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    Question Export textures / colors / materials with .obj


    I'm beginning with Sculptris ( and in 3D in general ) and I would like to know if it is possible when I export a creation in .obj file to export the colors / materials / textures as well as the object itself ? The .obj file is to be imported in Blender.

    Thank you

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    Of course you can, Just enable advanced options under paint mode. Export any map you like.
    About materials, these are maps / normal projection to camera. Import these images in blender and use them the same way. (blender internal). They won't work under Cycles though.

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    In the "advanced" options in Paint mode ... export texture .. Normal map ... bump map if you want (will be a large tiff image), then export the .obj, then you may have to apply the textures in Blender manually. Blender is also one of the few programs that can imitate Sculptris Materials ... for use in any other program, your better off using the simplest Sculptris mats so they can be imitated with the old school RGB mats most other softwares use.

    Also, Sculptris uses an image map (rather than the geometry) to transition between materials .... This is unlike any other software I know of. However with a retopo model with external UV's there is an easy fix. Apply separate materials in Wings3d, (or other software), export as .obj, the do quick Import/Export from Blender. Blender will split the materials into separate objects, which can be hidden for easy masking and painting, and makes for excellent hard lines. Most of the time when I do this, I'm actually using a seperate model to paint my texture than the final. A split mesh can have problems when animating, but if they have the same UV's, then the texture will transfer ... You can't paint models external symmetry UV's .. but you can paint Half a model, which will give the same result ....
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