I was working in zbrush last night on a sculpt. I have uv's, had generated texture from polypaint, displacement, and normal maps. Was playing with sending using goz to Lightwave. Finished up what playing and just to be sure I saved a new version of what I was working on. Today, I opened Zbrush and my model from last night and instead of displaying the material I filled it with, Zbrush is filling is displaying all the subtools with the zbrush red clay (in the subtool preview and the canvas working area/model). I even went back to an earlier version of the model that I didn't edit last night and the same thing happens. Another oddity is that if I turn ON my texture map, it is distorting the model like a displacement map. I have the displacement map turned off btw.

If I go and refill my subtool with my material again, my polypainting shows up. If I turn back on my texture map, it distorts the images like a bump map and displays the painted texture map over what appears to be the red clay material. In the texture preview area, it previews correctly - no clay.

Is there a preference that needs to be reset or a cache that's cloged or something. This is strange.