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    Default Limit Polyframe Draw Depth to Lowest Subdivision Levels


    I could have sworn there was a way to limit the draw depth of the Polyframe to a certain amount of the lowest subdivision levels? I know Mudbox has this feature but I seem to remember Z having also? I know you can adjust the variable opacity, etc. but this is something different. With Polyframe enabled on a mesh with a lot of subdivision levels there is a definite lag in viewport responsiveness while it draws all those pretty lines. Is there a script or setting to make the Polyframe only show lines for, say, the lowest two levels (or a custom number of levels)? Any help would be appreciated,



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    The method is that if you turn on polyframes at a lower level then that is all that shows at a higher level. However, sometimes this doesn't seem to work, though I don't know why.

    There's no way to script anything, I'm afraid, and no settings that affect polyframes by subdivision level.

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    Thanks Marcus,

    Thanks for letting me know - maybe an option for the future? I will use the workaround if need be.


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