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    Default Automating Steps in Zbrush

    Hey all, i'm wondering what I need to know to write scripts and plugins for ZBrush...

    Basically i'd like to just get certain steps set up to begin sculpting...

    I'd love to open ZBrush. Have a dialog box that has to "Browse for File" option boxes and import a high res and a low res head... then click GO.. and have the low res smooth and then put the high res under it as a subtool and then ZProject the low res to the high res... then hide the high res...

    Would this be difficult to do?

    How would I create the dialog box with the file inputs?

    Thanks all..
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    The simplest way to automate tasks is to record a macro. You just press the 'New Macro' button in the Macro palette and then go through the various things before pressing 'End Macro' when you're done and saving the file. You can get the macro to run on start up by following the instructions here:


    Sometimes macros need to be edited to get them to do exactly what you want. This isn't difficult as they are zscript text files that can be edited in Notepad. You can learn all about zscripting here:


    Just say if you get stuck and we'll do our best to help out.

    Have fun,

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