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    Default Same Issues with Sculptris Paint Mode

    I am experiencing the same issues with Sculptris on a Mac. Paint Mode is basically inoperable. It doesn't matter how low my mesh count is or how low I set my resolution before going over to paint mode. It simply takes minutes to rotate or zoom, and the actual paint functions don't work.

    I would love an update or a patch for Macs. I have been watching videos from digital-tutors and they are painting on high res meshes over 2 million tris and it is running smooth and quick on a PC.

    I have a dual boot Laptop with Windows, I will install Sculptris on the PC partition just to rule out hardware and see if it is a problem limited to Operating System.

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    Exclamation CONFIRMED: Operating System Issue

    I can verify that it is an Operating System Issue.

    COMPUTER: MacBookPro 2.2 GHz Quad Core i7, 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6750M, Partitioned to run OSX Lion and Windows 7.
    PROGRAM: Sculptris Alpha 6

    OPERATING SYSTEM 1: Mac OSX Lion 7.4
    Sculptris works great while sculpting the model. Tessellation is smooth and all of the brushes and feature sets within the Sculpting mode work great. I have had a great time building my first model. The problems arise when switching to paint mode. The model builds fine with fairly quick times to build and bake. Once in Paint mode however, the lag renders Sculptris unusable. It takes minutes to move, scroll, or pan. The model makes huge jumps and sometimes disappears entirely out of the window. When selecting a paint color in takes minutes to adjust the sliders. The texture and bump brushes just will not work. Unable to add color to the model.

    OPERATING SYSTEM 2: Windows 7 x86 (64bit) SP1
    Sculptris works great in both modes. Tessellation and sculpting is indentical to the Mac build. Smooth and trouble free. When switching over to paint mode, I had similar build times as the Mac, but once completed the Paint functions worked flawlessly. I was able to paint bumps and textures on my model quickly. Layering and switching brushes was fast and smooth. This is on the exact same machine and on the exact same model. 1.2 mil tris, built at 512 resolution.

    I hope this helps those of you experiencing similar issues. Let's hope for a Mac patch soon, but in the meantime, Boot Camp for Mac is free and current build works excellently. Buy a copy of Windows 7 and partition your drive. I'm running Maya on the Mac side and 3D Max on the Widows side while I take classes to learn the software. No issues, just make sure you allot a good 100GB or more to the Windows partition.
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    Default Any news on this issue? No updates, patches or suggestions for manual fixes?

    Hi again!

    Would be awesome to hear if something has happened that makes Sculptris run smothe in Paint mode on a Mac? Any ideas, suggestions or news is welcome.

    I have a bunch of models waiting to get some paint thrown at them so I'm getting eager.
    iMac (late 2011)
    27 inch
    3,4 Ghz Intel Core i7
    8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    AMD Radeon HD 6970 2048MB
    Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2


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    Default re

    There's a config file in the Program/Directory ... Delete this and Sculptris should start over .... like a new install. You can also open this with Notepad .. or any text editor and tweak it a bit ....
    I've noticet that everything in Paint-Mode has to do with images. It seems to work like photoshop. There's a layer for color, bumps, each material you add, and your Masks .... plus all your Texture Images ...... and Material Images ... I know there were complaints similar to yours back with Sculptris A5 (when Pixo first bought it) ended up that Me and many others just had too many Materials loaded .... maybe split some into separate folders and just rename the folders as needed ..... It seems every Image loaded is loaded into Memory when it comes to Sculptris. ..
    On the other hand ... Blender has pretty much caught up with Sculptris in every way. Dynotopo ... is part of Blender 2.64. With Dynotopo and Multires in Sculpt Mode (Blender 2.64) you have the basics of both Zbrush and Sculptris. And you can pain't both to Texture and Vertex in Blender ... it will bake your normals. The only problem now is the Learning Curve ..... Learning Blender should be a Bachelors Degree now. There's plenty of Vid Tutorials on Youtube and Vimeo .... just the time to watch them all ........
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    I'm on a mac as well and am having the same problem of slowing to a crawl in paint. Any word on a fix yet?

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