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    Use Genesis? That limits you to DAZ and then your not creating your own figure, ground up. Kind of misses the main objective for many that purchased Z-Brush to model custom figures. Relying on their Genesis base mesh, not ceertain how copyrights carry forward with that, but I know it wont give you any advantage to the massive market of Poser users, nor how a Genesis based mesh may be applied in derived products as in porting to Unity, SL or such it can be accomplished legally. I use DAZ Studio Pro4 its a great tool, and its GOZ is nice, and Genisis is a great innovation, the content metadasystem is brilliant, but I RIG in POSER to optimize of their JP and weight-maps and get my daily dose of torture and frustration. My PIG figure project is "Hormel Hog" complete and can be downloaded free FarmPeeps.com
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    This is an excellent piece of work my friend very useful indeed !!!

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