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    Default Hairy Scary Creature Morph H0ll0ween 2011

    Things are gettin a little hairy-scary so I created this creature morph WIP. It is just dynamesh, a wild hair texture brush and polypaint [Polypaint>Grd] gradients. I will put the eye subtools inside a tinted clear ball but I just started zBrush 2 weeks ago.. kind of a Halloween card of thanks from a newbe to Zbrush [first forum post ever also]. CD

    Fixed er up for Halloween more:
    http://www.chrisdixonstudios.com/ custom artworks into reality

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    Red face Werewolfed

    ..When I woke up this morning the werewolf had helped itself to some more of the nice material selections, standard with the new ZBrush.
    another view found skull inside!
    ..Thanks for lookin, any questions and advise is welcome.

    I have sculpted traditionally and independantly as a living over 30 years. All you ZBrushers are awesome living talent. Zbrush forums actually humbles, impresses and inspires me to no end. Now a newbe to Zbrush I can not wait to be profecient enough to create some of the art in my mind. Thank you Pixologic and all who support Zbrush!
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    Default Welcome to the world of digital sculpting.

    Hello! so you're a traditional sculptor? mmmm it's hard to get used to technology and i see you're fighting against computer, don't worry my advice is that you start using Only Dynamesh and the Clay Brushes, Polish and Trim and you will be fine in no time, don't think on polygons, just focus on your art, and try to not fight with the program, cheers and welcome to digital sculpting.

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    Default Thank You for the feedback and advice

    valcar3d, Thanks for the feedback and advice! You are so very right this program most artistically rewarding when one focuses on the art with whatever technical level familiar with. This werewolf was a good subject to wrestle a little wolf growl into. Actually I was starting to create a lion head and decided to contribute something subject Halloween appropriate.
    I started with Sculptris a month earlier and created an angel, frog, chalice, glass slippers.. Even created a dolphin as model for clients to order custom sculptures from as I intend to use ZBrush for.
    Now starting on a pair of mermaids holding shell open as spec for larger project that may end up CNC into wood. The artistic challenges to survive are met so much more appealing with such a fantastic program and supportive community.
    http://www.chrisdixonstudios.com/ custom artworks into reality

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