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    Man I didn't know that thread would live on
    Thanks for the comments everyone!
    Marco "Splash" Plouffe - Digital Sculptor

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    This thread is still alive indeed!
    And I have more questions, if you don't mind...

    1- Can you repost your render settings pics/screenshots as it doesn't show up anymore?
    2- I understand the process of dynamesh and then exit the dynamesh mode and start sculpting... But. How can you achieve such detailed models? I mean, your exovirus monster has tons of details, crisp and sharp edges, "écorché" mood...
    How can you do that?

    Because, let me know if I'm wrong or not, but, the workflow is this:
    a-dynamesh and basic shapes
    b-exit dynamesh
    c-more sculpt and divide

    BUT each time you divide (dynamesh mode or not) the model is blurred/smoothed so you're loosing the details you've just sculpted and have to re-sculpt again right??
    That's the problem I have on each model I do. I would like to know if there is something to do against that or if it's the natural worflow in Zbrush: each time you divide, you have more polygons but less detailed surfaces and have to sculpt again...

    3-do you think you will make a full tutorial on your exovirus model or something similar (monsters) on day, from start to finish?

    thanks a lot.
    And congrats again for your amazing work.

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    Default Hi just a little question about the curve trick


    I love the work just been looking at your site, the curve trick is really neat - but could you just cover the settings used a little better I understand all the basic process of storing the MT and using the morph brush



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    I have been using ZBrush exclusively for over 4 years. I depend on the versatility ...

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    Amazing...its awesome work...

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