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    Quote Originally Posted by nj0r0g3 View Post
    really annoying question i saw a really cool mech in a tutorial on the zbrush docs website by you I was wondering if the mech was done by you?
    Was this mech?:
    I started that model but never finished it. (That's the only tutorial I can recall doing with a mech in it. (Was in the Tips and Tricks page.)


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    Hey man yes that's the one I really liked the concept it looks pretty interesting. If you don't mind me asking why did u not complete it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piggyson View Post

    Hi Joseph.

    Fine detail of the character. I was very interested in one question))). So.

    I see that the model is composed of many parts. What amount SubTool this model sniper?
    How much polygon the sniper without a backpack?
    I believe that more than 4.3-million polygon? If this is true!. How do you optimize all the parts. Here's a look at the grid of this character in lopoligon mode.

    I understand what that part is done Retopology. Some parts were optimized using decimation master. But I want to hear how you're doing.

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    Default Interior details, Cornice around top of walls. Interior crown moldings vanished.

    Joseph. Just finished Module 8 with Paul Gaboury. Mastering ZBrush. At question time we were able to solve one of my problems. Making a frames 45 degree corner BUT we were not able to find your information.
    I had bookmarked some stuff you had done but it just takes me to the new ZBrush docs but is not there anyway.
    I have searched the internet high and low, but the information you put out seems to be gone.
    Do you remember doing something like this were you showed how to make architectural details, A fireplace i think it might have been and some wall cornice?
    Please put out this information again.
    Thank you so much.

    Oh wow
    Paul must have fixed that one super quick as now when i look its back again. what a wonderful day. heres the link to the info i ask about
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    Love the Detail Joseph,very well done!

    Mohammad Modarres



    old ZBcentral sketchbook

    New Sketchbook

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    I absolutely love everything you have done/posted..the hard surfaces are just fantastic..the sculpting and models congrats

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    Cool work Joseph, any chance explaining how you got that pattern working?

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    hello first of all absolutely awesome pieces displayed here, love the little plane and the insects very much.

    I do also have a little request.
    I viewed the summit videos of you and recently was once again reminded by the little plane shown in this thread that you used a specific background in keyshot and wondered if it is somewhere available or if you would be willing to share it.
    Im speaking of this backplate used in this render...
    would be pretty sweet of you
    cheers Ben

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    Default U-2 Pilot bust wanted

    Hello there, would love to know if you could help me design a U-2 Pilot sculpture. I would like to be able to have it made so I could take it to a 3D printer to
    make it.


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