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    Default Sheng Zhong's Progression to AAA

    Hi folks! I've been working on some zbrush stuff. I mostly frequent Polycount, but decided to branch out a bit. I decided to stop being a solo indie game developer (takes too many different skills/time), and focus solely on zbrush, and 3d art. Here's some screens of what I've been working on recently.

    Crits & comments welcome! That's the whole point of this thread Is there anything I can improve? Suggestions on what I should do next? Any modeling/rendering tips you'd like to trade?

    Haydée Tebelin from "Gankutsuou"; the anime adaption of "The Count of Monte Cristo".

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    Starting to play around with detail and colors. I'm going for somewhat of a more realistic feel; While the color scheme of Haydee works in the anime, I am uncertain that they would look very good realistically.

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    I've been learning more zbrush techniques; mainly nanomesh and Pablander's amazing skin tutorial! I'm not done with the tut yet, but after I am, and after a few youtube tuts on painting human skin, I think I'll be ready to continue the Haydee sculpt.

    Head sculpt/tutorial by Pablander:

    Nanomesh experimentation:

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    Hey guys, I know this is 2d... but I've been told to practice human anatomy some more, so that's what I'm doing. I figured 2d is a good place to refine my 3d skills.

    This is a self portrait, and also a D&D avatar, of Lord "Arctian Grey" the noble and slightly arrogant party wizard. AKA "Mr. Moneybags" by our Russian Svirfneblin rogue

    It's still a WIP, but I'd like to keep working on this until it looks at least somewhat as good as a Steven Lawler masterpiece.

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    I've been working on a sculpt I did earlier;

    Separated the body into multiple parts, working on the head. I'm just going to focus on existing projects, and turn them into animated, playable characters in UE4 instead of always starting new ones...

    Here's what I did today:

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    I demand more detail, puny mortal! Bwahahahahaha!

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    Not enough detail, foolish human! I demand MORE or it's your head I have NEXT! BWaAAAahahahaha!

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    Hey folks, thought my custom brass material looked pretty interesting on this sculpt. Also I'm moving onto polypaint and final details for the helmet! (Hands, horns, neck, feathered collar, succubus, mouth, etc).

    Yeah, the anatomy still needs a lot of work.
    The goal is to have the tail and wings physically interact with objects, characters, and the environment in UE4 through animation and UE4 inverse kinetics. Tail-swiping trash mobs will be a thing, and of course raining death from above.

    Xathanoc will be a fast, terrifying, and an utterly powerful playable God character, that I'll eventually upload as a mini game / character demo in UE4.
    The current plan is, after polypaint, I think I'll just go ahead and retopo the helmet, bake maps, and just get it into UE4. Then I'll work on the anatomy, and the rest of the armour.

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    Starting to see imaginary cockroaches skitter on the edges of my laptop. Time to sleep I think. That, or eat the cockroaches. Hahahahahaha

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    All polypaint on a basic white material. About 85% done!

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    Starting to see imaginary cockroaches skitter on the edges of my laptop.

    Been there before. Hahaha.

    Wickedly cool work! Keep 'em coming!

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    Like your enthusiasm.

    I am personally not that much into anime etc, but when I see the rest, I'm interested in what you will do with her>

    That demon and the 'monk' you posted just before it have something Himalayan. Love that. Must say that I clicked your thread for the latest posted image of him which struck a chord in me. The brass one was too glossy. for my taste. But this latest one is wow. I also like it when someone uses ZSpheres as they are stiil the best way to achieve good results and show that the artist- you - goes beyond Dynamesh.

    Hats off, and congrats.

    O, btw: when too tired, I see little doors open in the walls and smiling gnomes come out that wave their hands at me.
    “The cutting of the gem has to be finished before you can see whether it shines.” - Leonard Cohen -

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    Damn dude, that really means a lot to me, thanks!

    Yeah, my art used to be terrible; just like a few months ago! I was always starting new projects, and never really looked at what other people were doing. Now I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere.

    What I did different was looking at other people's portfolios to see where the bar is set (Grassetti, Tzeng, Erdt, stuff from Zbrush top row, etc) and becoming more disciplined towards actually finishing the projects I've started.

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    More polypaint progress!

    Still have the neck area to do, and some minor adjustments. I think the highlights might be too strong, but I can adjust that in photoshop later. It does give an interesting stylized look, though.

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