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    Hey, I love the artwork it is sublime. I see a lot of Mesoamerican influence here which is fantastic. I have a question regarding workflow however...

    What is the main difference between tileable geometry and tileable texture? I understand that a tileable texture should be square i.e. 1024x1024 but can tileable geometry be any shape as long as it tiles and if so how do you join tileable geometry so that there is no seam ingame?

    I ask because the temple wall for example is an actually piece of detailed geometry as opposed to just a plane with a texture applied.


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    Default Amazing Work

    Your work is a true inspiration,no one could fault it.
    i have a couple of questions please if you wouldnt mind answering

    1. your highlights in the cracks of your paving slabs,do you add them in the texture process or use light from the game engine.

    2.do you paint your textures

    3. any future plans for a texturing tutorial

    thank you

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    Thanks for sharing! amazing work.
    Digital Mapping & Graphics

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    Default Very good : I have a question

    Very amazing pieces of work, I know that this forum thread was posted a long time ago so I am not expecting a reply. But if you do reply I would like to ask a question. My question is that I am 13, and I want to be an Environmental Artist when I grow up. I don't exactly know what I should do at this age to improve my skills and get me more prepared for that field. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again, your work is amazing, keep it up!

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