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    Default Organic Triceratops [WIP]

    For this project I'll be making a Triceratops with the final rigged and animated model being displayed in the Unreal Development Kit games engine.

    I shall be using a ZBrush sculpt to flesh out the muscle forms and add in scale/skin details which will be used to create a normal map.Critique is welcome

    Some of the images that I'll be working from. The muscle form sketch is the image that I have been using as the main reference to make the base mesh.

    A fairly simple Photoshop concept idea, so I have a base idea ready for when I start Polypainting in ZBrush or 3DCoat.

    Final Basemesh Created in 3Ds Max

    Basemesh Clay Renders
    Several clay renders of the basemesh in 3Ds Max before sculpting to simply show any errors.

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    Default ZBrush Sculpt Progress

    ZBrush Sculpt Progress
    This is the base mesh with the body at sub division 6. The initial muscle details were built up using the clay build up brush and smooth tools, at sub division 3. Some areas have also been tweaked using the move and move elastic tools to form a more suitable shape.

    On this version detail is just being added into the feet which will need further work. Work still needs to be done on the horns, beak and frill. For this additional work the sub divisions will be placed back to 3, to make it easier to work with. Additionally the skin and scale details still need to be added.

    ZBrush Polygroups

    To enable symmetry to be used on the areas such as the front legs when the polygoups are isolated, they have been merged into the one polygroup. This has also been done for the back legs and the toes.

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    Default Sculpt Progress Continued

    Based on feedback I've made alterations to the head/eyes and back, along with defining the muscles and added details around the toes etc.

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    Default ZBrush Sculpt Progress - Fine Details

    ZBrush Sculpt Progress - Fine Details
    Before starting to add the scales the belly has been given a little more sag and skin wrinkles have been added. The lower cheek bone has also been more defined
    Scales have now been added to the body using primarily custom alphas.

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    Default Various Progresses

    Sculpt and Low poly alterations
    Based on feedback changes have been made to the front legs to make them less bulky and more natural. This has been altered on the ZBrush sculpt and low polygon models.

    UVW Unwrap
    With these alterations made the UVW unwrap has been created. The frill, horns and rear legs will be asymmetrical to allow for unique detail to be added to the polypaint.

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    Default Polypaint

    This is the current polypaint, the render is taken in flat mode. There are still some alterations to be made to add more colour variation.

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