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    Default Creating hole all the way through a model in Sculptris

    Hi all,

    I am an experienced CAD user however I am relatively new to Sculptris.

    I can see how everything works but one of the main problems I constantly experience is my inability to create a hole all the way through a model. A an example, it seems impossible to make a donut shape on sculptris as when you remove material, as you start to get to the other side you end up with loads of interference....

    Another issue along these lines is I have tried to overcome these problems by building the edge of the hole up from the surface. the problem here is it seems it is impossible to fuse material together into one continuous piece that originated from two separate parts.

    I really am impressed by this software and would like to use it more in product design however I am limited by what I can do until I can overcome these problems.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks,


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    I've come across the same situation. My solution was to use either Meshmixer or Hexigon to create the holes. I have still not gotten great results doing it this way. In both you use the Bolean functions to either intersect or in Hexigon to punch a hole. Make sure your model is completely finished though because if its not you have to repair the mesh so it works in Sculptris.
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    For base mesh with hole ->

    -turn off symmetry
    -sculpt a "sausage" with endings over symmetry line
    -turn on symmetry again = somehow a donut.

    There are a lot of threads about this. Here and in the old forum of drpetter.
    Unfortunately not too easy to find if you search by hand.
    Look up on the right beside "Forum Tools" there is a botton called "Search Forum"
    Keyword "hole" turned out this:

    Have fun with sculptris!
    Keep it organic and not too complicate and you will enjoy easiness of being.

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    As Knacki sugests
    Here a small tutorial

    Or start building base mashes in blender, especially using the latest builds/skin modifier. It's a tool similar to Zspheres but much more advanced. It makes holes too.

    If we're talking about hard surface modeling, Sculptris isn't the right tool for the job. Blender is.
    Of course, you can buy Zbrush, this is a more sophisticated than sculptris app.

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