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    That viewport/ Properties settings was my very first 'startup file', when that glitch happened. You're probably right, it was likely a visibility due to layer thing. Learning Blender reminds me of my first entry to ZBrush. Quirky but full of amazing possibilities. I haven't dealt with Blender layers yet. A bit like subtools I guess.

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    I've been using GoB for Blender updates 2.69, 2.70, 2.72, 2.73 and now 2.74 with no problems.

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    Default GoZ, GoB

    Hi May I have link about zBrush 4r8 GoB or GoZ Blender 2.77

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    Default Awesome addon! I just have a slight problem :/

    Edit: I'm a dumbass, it was under preferences in zbrush.

    First things first, this is an awesome program! I love the flexibility it offers, even with my problem.

    A few bit of info first:

    -Because of reasons, I am running 4r7 and blender version 2.79

    -I have the newest version of GoB that I found (2.72) installed

    -I just reinstalled both side of the program after finding this problem, it did not fix it.

    Problem :
    -objects created in blender do not appear in original zbrush tool after the first syncing

    - Subtools that are changed in any way do not update from blender to zbrush (sometimes?)
    The previous includes vertexes moved, created deleted, or object transformed in any way

    In both of these the modified or post sync added object appears as a new tool with the original name.
    All zbrush originated objects sync to blender fine.

    Getting down to it, as far as I can tell, zbrush -> folder -> blender works fine, the problem comes somewhere in between blender and zbrush and occurs in day old projects as well as some newly created projects. since I can not articulate what the problem is in regular sentences, here is a list of symptoms or occurrences, with the ones that I believe are important (to any sort of debugging I mean), marked with a +.


    + manually importing the (from blender) .goz file works perfectly (subdivision levels and all)

    + In a new blender session, sync button was pressed and the last incorrectly updated subtool appeared (in blender)

    + GoZ_Objectlist.txt sometimes holds the name of the file that transferred correctly other times it doesn't

    - two out of 50 subtools had .ztl files in the sync folder

    - removing all files in the syncing folder did nothing (I did not expect it to)

    There is also a weird bug where syncing a tool (with multiple subtools) into blender, then starting a new zbrush document and trying to sync it into there results in a loop where every iteration previous subtools updated + the next subtool updates until all subtools are updated/synced within the same loop iteration. You probly dont have to worry about this, but I thought I would mention it.

    I know that you don't have to look at this or look into it, but if you did I would be very grateful. Cheers!

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    Default Soz

    GOZ you will need click (Make PolyMesh3D) button before click (GoZ) button will appear object.

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    Default GoB, GoZ

    Where can I get download on GoZ or GoB between zBrush 4r8 p2 and Blender 2.79. I need get link.

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    The plugin works almost for my needs. One thing that is annoying is the modell orientation. Loading up the julie.ztl she is standing upright in positive y. Exporting puts her upright in negative z. Is there a way to "correct" or modify this behaviour? The import/export options inside zbrush donĀ“t seem to take effect on GOZ.

    THX for considering,


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