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    Default GoZ and GoB

    Yaaaaa a a a a aayyyyyyy it work Thank you for your show me and I got it.

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    Thanks so much for this @Jose!!!

    If anyone is having trouble making it work on Windows - I had some too - here's how I fixed my problem.

    You can re-install GoZ, make sure ZBrush and Blender are closed. Now you go to your ZBrush folder:

    C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush 2018\Troubleshoot Help\

    In there should be a file called "GoZ_for_ZBrush_Installer_WIN.exe", right click and run with admin rights, follow the installer through.

    Now open ZBrush, go to Preferences - GoZ - force reinstall. Locate your Blender 2.8 path.

    Should work now.

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    ohhhhh! realy reaaaaaaly grateful.
    thankss bro!

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