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    Default GoZ 2 Vray for 3dsMax

    Hi guys, I've been fed up with GoZ switching renderer back to Mental ray each time you use it.

    So I decided to get in the code to make some changes. I'm not a scripter at all but so far, this is what I got :

    _ No more renderer switch (GoZ will now keep Vray active with all the current setup )

    BUT unfortunately,

    _ No material import yet and not soon from me I guess ( it's the tricky part, too many lines of code for many divers cases and for my poor knowledge moreover

    That means you'll be able to change geometry and textures as you wish in Zbrush and still use GoZ to send geometry back in Max, BUT have to manually save diffuse, normal and displacement from Zbrush to custom paths and having those paths assigned in your Vray material.

    You'll update your Vray shader by simply overwriting assigned maps which is for me way less frustrating than resetting up my renderer everytime !

    Still a quick beta version, tested quickly but it seems to work so far.

    This is it for now. I'm scary by the amount of code I have to go through to make it importing maps as well, so I can't promise anything.

    Installation :

    First, make a copy of your Macro_GoZ.ms located in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\Scripts\Startup, I personnally renamed it Macro_GoZ.msSAV so it's not recognized anymore.
    And copy in the same location this new one.

    Note that I'm using Max 2011, I don't know if this will work in other versions. But let me know if you have questions or troubles.

    There is a parallel thread on cgtalk and as I dunno how to upload the file on zbrushcentral, here is the link to the

    cgtalk thread :http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthre...13#post6949313
    modified script : http://forums.cgsociety.org/attachme...hmentid=161209

    Hope this can help some people around.
    Feedback welcome or if you want to help coding this a bit further, I may need your help. I don't know much about Maxscript.


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    thanks! the renderer change with GoZ is actually really annoying...

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    Thank you!!!
    Stefan Tsvetkov

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    Very old it seems, but Zbrush R7 foz still messes up the render settings for Vray. Any update on a fix? or a way around it?
    Abdenour Bachir
    Principal Character artist at Crytek


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    This version from Pär Amsen works for me. It is from 2013.
    The link doesn't seem to work any more


    I include the original page (not available any more) and the script.

    I can not guaranty it will work for you, it works for me.
    GoZ to Vray script by P***228;r Amsen.zip

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