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    Default Advices welcome - first sculpting of human figure

    Hi all,
    recently i desired to get deeper into character creation, so i switched from Blender to zBrushCore. This is my first (serious) attempt of creating a human figure:

    i really would appreciate some focused critiquw about this model regarding proportions, measurements and ratios. As i only started, i am far from gesture. What do think would be the most important change to make her look more natural?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Smile Made a diagram


    Rather than try to explain it all in words I made an image for you. The biggest things I.M.O. to note:
    • Your sternoclaidomastoid (S.C.M.) Is connecting to the clavicle. The muscle has 2 heads, the long strand-like part actually should originate from the sternum.
    • overall skull shape is too square, Please note the nape at the back of the skull.
    • You should define the armpit area when you sculpt breasts: Pectorals connect to the arm, breasts are overlayed on top.

    Happy Sculpting,

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    Hi ArcaneMinded,

    thanks a lot for your advices. I sculpted them back into the figure, and this improved the overall shape very well:

    I also fixed the position ratio of the head against the chest - the head was way too far in front of her body, giving her that ape like appeal. Unfortunatelly i noticed that the head was displaced when the sternoclaidomastoid was already fixed - during repositioning of the head, lots of the sternoclaidomastoid's new shape was distorted.
    She's still far from perfection, but i learned a lot from your hints - thanks a lot !!

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    Hi - Firstly This is EXCELLENT work for a first attempt, really - very good. @ArcaneMinded has really given some great tips. One of the things I see here quite a lot is the overuse of symmetry. I think its really good practice to turn that sucker off.

    Once again, an impressive first human bust. Just keep going they way you are going.

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