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    and in an instant the troubleshooting thread is no longer relevant or emailing support for that reason.

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    Thumbs up amazing

    thanks sooo much. this is awesome. I have a 3ds max class and the final obviously needs to be in max not maya...you just made my life a little easier. now i can create all of my morph layers in zbrush....much faster......thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerick
    Unreal Engine 3 packs blendshape support last I checked. It packs with your skeletal model export under languages like "morph meshes" or something like that.
    Also if you follow the way Jeremy Ernst is handling facial on GOW3, blendshapes are not a problem because it gets baked back to joints in the end and the other shapes never make it into the engine. Check out the GDC lecture. It's very easy to reproduce if you have some sort of insight into rigging. My only problem is the Blendshape aspect crashes Maya 2011 on OSX but not on Win7.

    Anyway, this is a great feature.

    It was crashing because of some history BS! Rock on Zbrush Blendshape plug in
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    thanks zbrush

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