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    Updated again after work, speed modeling the back of the char.

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    Another update image (still very rough)
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    Default Reptile Hands

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    Nice and smooth

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    Default Reptile Legs

    Hey all, I've been swamped with work for the past while. This update is long overdue, glad to be back at it.

    @Serek thanks for the comment

    Currently I'm still working on the legs...I may go with some boots.
    Changed a few large proportions in the body, made him beefier.

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    Default 50s dude

    Speed sculpt in Sculptris. Hour and a bit.

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    Default Gaunt Man

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    Default Sea Drake

    Quick blockout. A work in progress.
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    Amazing stuff!

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    Great variety of models here and there's a clear improvement in the quality from first to last.

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    Hey thanks guys I try as much as I can to aim for variety of work, so I'm able to learn more.

    Updated the sculpt, also added two angle shots.

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    Default The Boxer

    Continued the boxer with the body (WIP). Feet, arms and hands up next. 100 % of the work was done in Sculptris. Shots of body below are shown in Zbrush with a cool matcap is all.

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    Default Leather Man

    Friday night speed sculpt. I'll have to get back to this guy later, working on the body for the boxer at the moment.

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    Default The Boxer

    Apologies for the lack of posts everyone! I've been busy working on a personal UDK Environment scene project in between jobs. I've just been recently hired on as a modeller at Ubisoft Montreal. I'm excited about the move
    and can't wait to get back to work

    Here's an update on 'The Boxer.' It's sculpted in Sculptris from a sphere. Crits/Comments welcome! Thanks

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    Still progressing, made some scale adjustments and form changes. Minor stuff, but it was needed. I'm going to do another pass on the hands and then retopo it for Zbrush! Crits/Comments welcome

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