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  1. Sticky: You got SCHOOLED!

    Aurick just reminded me of the Kindergarten teacher at my sons school. I went and spent the day helping out. A group of little kids kept interrupting the teacher all morning long by whispering about...
  2. Sticky: :(

    Still the only word is "Autumn 2014" WIKI describes that as..."In North America, autumn is usually considered to start with the September equinox[5] and end with the winter solstice (21 or 22...
  3. Are you in the Kansas City Kansas/Missouri area and a ZBrush user?

    Are you in the Kansas City Kansas/Missouri area and a ZBrush user?

    Just trying to see who all on the forums is out there! I started up a NON-official group Facebook just to meet and see if there...
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    Well, Giants looked REAL good last night in Game 1! Dang! (Goes to show why they have been in the World Series so many times! It will just be really cool to watch these guys on the Royals move on to...
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    Since the world Series starts tonight also....

    Did this one up in Zbrush for our KC Royals!
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    Thanks Homerus! Just fun to play with up cute iconic characters and put them in a ZOMBIE situation! :D
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    It's the Walking Dead Charlie Brown!!

    For my own Halloween project and tribute to the Walking Dead! Zbrush Models with some Photoshop.

  8. Sticky: Hmmmm...

    Today is the official first day of fall ya know...hmmmmm? :D
  9. Sticky: Keyshot...

    I was REALLY interested in the Keyshot until all the talk of "limited" resolution. Would like to get clarification from Pixologic on that once it comes out BUT for now, at work we do "box shots" or...
  10. Sticky: Wow...still awesome looking!

    I kinda like it when ZBrush SPRINGS these upgrades on us. Now I gotta stress on "when" this upgrade is coming and how long it will take for us to "certify" it at work. They wont let us load or use it...
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    Sticky: WOweeWOWzaWOW!!

    ZB 4R7 it'll be nice to do some of the polygon "TYPE" tools in ZBrush and not have to go back to another program like Modo if I dont have to. Love all the processes Joseph was using! VERY cool!
  12. Thread: Alien Baby

    by GrizzlyJake

    THAT HAS to BE...

    ...the most AWESOME thing I have seen! Isnt it so cool to actually hold your model? Freakin' AWESOME!!
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    Thanks Klicek! I dropped a shot on Kevin Eastman's Facebook page and got a response from him too! Made my day!! Thanks for checking it out!
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    TMNT tribute to issue 1

  15. Yeah...Freeform...NOT worth the money in my opinion...

    Freeform is just what this company has done for maybe 6-8 years? They have a few versions of it and few sculptors that use Freeform ONLY. Our vendor expects a CLAY file from Freeform for everything....
  16. Thanks!

    Oh yeah, no I totally understand the size. That is awesome detail for that small! I have tried it on our own Objet and you just cant get that small and get workable files. Most of the files I do for...
  17. detail

    So, on this last one it looks a little rough. Is that just the wax? Can you clean it up with heated sculpting tools or exactos/sandpaper? Carve or add to? It also look like you lose a little of the...
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    top notch!

    Love it! WOnderful piece! Noisemaker is great, love how you used it here! I gotta question, what kind of work do you do to this in After Effects? I was curious, I know my way around AE and Premiere...
  19. Great info!!

    And awesome sculptures! A friend of mine, who has an extensive background in rules and running games, and I are trying to get some ideas going. I would do the sculpting and some character design....
  20. WOOhoo

    Looking good! Love all the details on it.
  21. working out the cart...

    Little how to on the cart, did a little figuring. Not sure it was the best way but it worked. I might Remesh to keep it smaller when I am done with all of it for the purpose of moving/posing.
  22. Doh!

    Sorry, TimGrossman! haha...I totally forgot THAT was the ballerina. I'm a goof!! Been awhile since i seen the movie, your totally HORROR there! FOR SOME reason I was thinking total ballerina, forgot...
  23. Scribe!!

    Awesome! Great Scribe piece! Love looking at his work, it's all over Kansas City on the walls up here! The one a day monster, awesome! I tried that a few years back for halloween, wore me...
  24. yeah

    I know, I was gonna try Cabin In the Woods too! Just thought there would be ALOT to take on to make it feel like the Cabin in the Woods movie. TOTALLY not wanting to make you second guess, but maybe...
  25. Twisted Horror (Friday the 13th) - Jason Voorhees, Mr. Mom

    yeah yeah...i know, another Jason Voorhees BUT i kinda wanna do my take on him and concentrate on all the other elements. Too FUN!!

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