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    Question: NoteISwitch command

    My ultimate goal: Allow user to select options (using the NoteISwitch command) before rendering and exporting images. Options will include BPR On/Off, Floor On/Off, Perspective On/Off, Color Pass,...
  2. Any chance these will be truly integrated into...

    Any chance these will be truly integrated into ZBrush in the future? Rather than plugins.
  3. Sure I don't mind sharing. So marcus_civis...

    Sure I don't mind sharing.

    So marcus_civis explained how to put the Active Points in a variable:


    Here's how I used it:

    MY "IDEAL"...
  4. Question: StrAsk command - major delay when executed

    I'm using a StrAsk command to get the user to input some info. The problem is that zBrush seems to hang when the StrAsk command is executed. The dialog box won't open until I click outside zBrush...
  5. Question: How do I put the Active Points of a subtool in a variable?

    I'm trying to access the Active Point count of the currently selected subtool. I'd also like to access the Total Point count for the tool. How do I do this? Seems like an easy thing to do but I'm...
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    Polypaint toggle button

    This works for the first 8 subtools in the list (as long as I haven't scrolled down). It doesn't work on any other subtool. Why? I believe it has something to do with SubToolGetActiveIndex.
  7. Thanks for the help! That's great stuff. I...

    Thanks for the help! That's great stuff.

    I ran into one minor problem with the "Load Data" button.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Open ztl file
    2. Go to the front view of your model
    3. Store that...
  8. Question: 4k render problem ... can't render close up. Why?

    My zScript/Tool Setup
    -I have some buttons that will change the document size (1k, 2k, 3k, 4k). 1k and 4k are included in code below.

    -I have another set of buttons that store camera angles. The...
  9. I had an additional question concerning the...

    I had an additional question concerning the discussion above but I decided it should go in it's own post. I moved it to the link below.
  10. Question: Loading Lightcap file doesn't quite work

    Here's the code I'm using to load a lightcap file (it exists within a button which is not included):

  11. Thanks so much! I modified it slightly to suit...

    Thanks so much! I modified it slightly to suit my needs and it's working great.

    Hopefully, just one more quesiton ....

    I'm trying to recreate a button that behaves like ZAppLink's Clear To...
  12. Very helpful. Thank you. That all makes sense....

    Very helpful. Thank you. That all makes sense.

    Since I can't tap into the ZAppLink plugin, how do I create a button that functions the same way as the Front, Back, Left, Right, etc buttons? I'd...
  13. Question: Need help creating a Batch Render script

    Ultimately, I'm trying to setup a batch render script.

    I'm having a difficult time understanding how zBrush handles Position, Scale and Rotate data. I want to use the TransformGet and Set...
  14. Question: Can you transfer polypaint without transfering sculpt detail?

    The Project All button will project sculpt detail and polypaint. Or it will project sculpt detail only. It will not project polypaint only.

    Is it even possible to write a script that will...
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    Thanks! Very helpful.

    Thanks! Very helpful.
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    put subtool name in a variable ... how?

    New to scripting. Can't figure this out. This is what I'm trying to do (just a portion of my script)...

    [VarSet,myVariable,Subtool 0]]

    Instead of "Subtool 0" I'd like to have the name I gave...
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