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  1. justadeletedguy re I always UV...

    justadeletedguy re

    I always UV unwrapped as soon as my model is done, before triangulating! I don't see your point on this one :P
    I know you like that little application and I did...
  2. ctran3d: thanks :) I haven't been able to finish...

    ctran3d: thanks :) I haven't been able to finish it for the contest deadline :(

    Fantasio: Thanks :) I took 5 mins to setup and about 1hr to render. Very simple, just load in the obj of your...
  3. Update, Body Retopo done :)

    I am struggling trying to finish on time. I have just finished the body retopo for game at 6824 triangles That leaves me with 8176...
  4. Clay Rendered Turn Table in Blender

    Here is a quick clay turn table from blender internal render.

  5. Update

    Here is a little update, more details, more non symetrical details, more triangles (1 247 574 to be precise :P)
    Its starting to lag a lot, so I think I'll call this sculpt finished, now I can start...
  6. anthonydraco: First of all, welcome to sculptris...

    anthonydraco: First of all, welcome to sculptris forum :)

    To hide seperate parts, simply hold H and click on the separate piece you want to hide or you can also hold H and drag a rectangle from...
  7. Little Update

    Arinavar: Thanks :) I used the same workflow for cinematic characters such as this one, but this one needs to be a next gen game model so I will probably use X-Normals to generate AO map, cavity map...
  8. I wish to buy ZBrush 4r4 :) until then, Sculptris does the Trick :)

    Hey all, this forum is just plain awesome :)

    I don't currently own ZBrush, but I am saving for it :)

    In the meantime, I use Sculptris with Blender and I must say, it does the trick :) Its not...
  9. The Beast [Mixamo Fantasy Character Contest] JLCG

    Hey everyone, here is a new sculpt, I decided to change my idea for the contest since the deadline got extended ;)

    Here is the concept and the current sculpting WIP status :)
  10. Replies

    Update: Timelaps Video :)

    SporkFuMaster: Thanks :)

    Here is the timelaps video ;)

  11. Replies

    Triceratopian Beast

    Hey everyone :D

    Haven't posted here in a while :confused: Here is a little something I currently am working in Sculptris ;)

    And here is a time laps of the sketch/painting...
  12. justadeletedguy: thank you :) Knacki: thank...

    justadeletedguy: thank you :)

    Knacki: thank you :)

    michalis: thank you :)

    This project allowed me to further enhance my pipeline workflow with MyPaint, GIMP, Sculptris and Blender. I am...
  13. Update!

    Ok, haven't posted much here since I started this contest. Now it is finished.

    Here is the result (Full Size):

    Here is a 2k...
  14. Indeed, I will re-topologies this model, since it...

    Indeed, I will re-topologies this model, since it needs to be rigged and posed and ready for production for this contest ;)
  15. Thread: Hell-Hound

    by JLCG

    Wow!!! Great sculpt! No Critics from me! I am...

    Wow!!! Great sculpt! No Critics from me! I am speechless. I really love the ears! Very interesting design and concept :)

    Well, I may have one critic but its not on the actual sculpting. You say...
  16. Little Update :)

    Here is another update, testing out the base clothing and wearings ;)

    Any C&C is more then welcome ;)

    Jeannot Landry (JLCG)
  17. Thanks Knacki :) Well, I am sculpting him that...

    Thanks Knacki :)

    Well, I am sculpting him that way, the final has to be rigged and posed for render in Blender, so I am not too worried about the pose atm.

    Jeannot Landry
  18. Another small update :)

    Here is another small update, about 4hrs of sculpting :) and loving it ;)

    Any C&C is more then welcome :)

    Jeannot Landry...
  19. Little Update

    Thanks esgeee :)

    Its still very much a wip and a lot of areas need to be fixed, I only started this about 3hrs ago.

    Little Update ;)...
  20. BlendSwap Fantasy Characters Contest, Jeannot Landry Entry (JLCG)

    Hey all, I feel like I haven't posted here in a very long time.

    As some of you may already know, is hosting a Fantasy Characters Contest and I decided to tackle it :)

    I decided to...
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