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  1. Thanks Marcus, Thanks for letting me know -...

    Thanks Marcus,

    Thanks for letting me know - maybe an option for the future? I will use the workaround if need be.

  2. Limit Polyframe Draw Depth to Lowest Subdivision Levels


    I could have sworn there was a way to limit the draw depth of the Polyframe to a certain amount of the lowest subdivision levels? I know Mudbox has this feature but I seem to remember Z...
  3. Replies


    First - just wanted to say thanks for contributing this to the community. Simple and useful! Very much appreciated.

    Second - There is one feature that I wanted to suggest, though it may be a...
  4. Agree with others - videos are GREAT!

    Just wanted to drop a note to say THANKS for the videos. I agree with the other folks here - short videos with clear explanations are extremely helpful. I had read the new documentation but seeing...
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