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    Yep... would love to have this added

    Just adding my voice(text) in support for whatever that's worth.
    <menu id="userscript-search-by-image" type="context"> <menuitem label="Search Google with this image"...
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    Sticky: Array/Nanomesh question?

    I know that the insert mesh brush can be set to use a random insert mesh every time you use it. Is there any way to populate array/nanomeshes in similar fashion? Obvious example... convert IMM with...
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    Simply awesome

    Your work here is amazing my friend. You have some mad skills.
  4. That's some awesome teaser material.

    I like the new box modelling features. I am wondering if there might be any snapping options implemented (snap to: face, vertice, point, center, or grid). I love the snapping in options in some of...
  5. Wow

    I know there are differences, but I'm not sure if you were trying to actually copy or were just inspired by the original. Regardless, I wish I had the skills so eloquently demonstrated with this...
  6. Your sculpts are amazing

    I wish my skills were up to that level in 3D.... truly inspiring work.
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    Congrats on your results

    I actually managed to figure out all the methods you mentioned on the forum at least (on my own through trial and error) before stumbling onto this thread, but I have yet to manage results as good. ...
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    Are you/your friend using morph targets to control fibermesh? I have the hardest time getting fibermesh to do what I want in ZBrush. I've made some almost passable longer hair attempts, but there's...
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    I like the work you've shown.

    Wow, cool stuff, was the hair on the bust a morph target for fibermesh, or was that post work in PS? I myself have a heck of a time getting decent results trying to style fibermesh... I'd love some...
  10. Thank you for the vids

    It was fun to watch and get ideas. That was also a cool use of micromesh. You're also fairly plain spoken without using excessive 3D specific terminology which can throw off people who aren't...
  11. Multimesh Insert scaled with pressure sensitivity

    I was wondering if anyone had worked out a way to link wacom's pen pressure information to scale MMI strokes as you sculpt. Possibly with a transition smoothing option for people with less fine and...
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    Cool Snails

    I love the snail on the snail's back... tooks almost perfect. You might be interested in looking at a supplemental program called Photo Sculpt. With it you can take a couple of photos of a rock...
  13. Thanks for the reply

    No need to be sorry, thanks for taking the time to respond. Maybe I should wander into the sctripting forum and drop a suggestion or something. Pressure sensitivity is great for organic forms if...
  14. oops... invert the order of 2D and 3D...

    oops... invert the order of 2D and 3D there...better creating from scratch in 3D
  15. Curve Mesh Insert Question

    I'm pretty new, been watching a lot of tutorials, thanks for making some :)

    I think I know the answer, but I thought I'd ask to be sure since there are so many options buried in the interface...
  16. If you want more detail and aren't too worried about topology...

    If you want to, you can design your sculpt in multiple higher detail pieces and use another free tool (MeshMixer... just search it on google if you want) to assemble your pieces in any way you...
  17. Actual Window manager causes odd behavior with sculptris (info for others)

    I use software called "Actual Window Manager" When it is active and working on the Sculptris window; it displaces the cursor for the brush a bit lower than the mouse pointer which makes for an odd...
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