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    another user requesting for zbrush 5

    I just recently got a space navigator pro and it is so wonderful...I too am surprised z brush does not recognize it. Lightwave, Modo and ever Poser recognize it without me even changing any...
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    your renders.

    hi i'm wondering if all your renders on here where done in keyshot? I can't find anywhere else to ask but I was considering purchasing keyshot 6 pro ...when I put it in my cart in little print it...
  3. great renders

    we all know zed is the best but what great renders out of lightwave 3d. they are really doing vast improvements on lightwave if anyone is looking for a 3d package that does modeling, animation and...
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    yep this is definitely AWESOME...

    that your keeping everyone in the loop instead of having us wondering about it. thank you guys. we all love our's to the next greatest version...great things are worth a wait...
  5. Wow

    I'm so excited....I'm glad your waiting til January for the release, hopefully the end merry Christmas everyone...
  6. please don't encourage them to chrge 4 :)

    this will be me 1st free update so let's not rush them...and I can assure they are not living in proverty... lol some of us r still learning the program and not making money off of it like me,...
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    he's really cute

    i'm an avid gardener and i love seeing catapillors... great work...wonder what he'll look like as a butterfly...
  8. it was very awesome...

    I learned a new hand but I agree with what someone else just said...I expected to be kinda bored but it was amazing seeing how all the different techniques that where demonstrated by...
  9. head scan

    yeah I'd love to be able to download that because I don't use twitter and I've really enjoyed the summit. and would have loved to have been able to have a chance to win one of those lovely prizes,...
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    I modeled this following a tutorial by andy. I'm trying to get texturing and rendering down in zb. I used noisemaker and lightcaps on this image. I plan to uv, polypaint, texture add...
  11. i figured it out

    it had something to do with ie10...anyway I figured it out what is disappointing to men is that 60 people read this and no one replied...but thanks for looking. I think they are working on the...
  12. cannot access website

    is it me or is the site down. I've never encountered this problem b4. it's giving me an http error. or is the site only accessible sometimes??? i'm stumped...please help
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    i'm so ready to jump into this program. finally got it and this vid is awesome. i'm subscribed to you so i'm gonna check out the utube...oh i thought the camera movement was awesome. some of you...
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