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Edge Slide
With this edge action, it is easy to slide edges in various methods to create interesting shapes for modeling.
Edge Slide ZModeler Edge Spin
The edge spin action will allow you to spin an edge to snap to different directions to fit your needs.
ZModeler Edge Spin ZModeler Edge Split
This feature makes it easy to split an edge by adding a vertex point along that edge, allowing for greater control with edge flow.
ZModeler Edge Split ZModeler Edge Stitch
This feature gives you the ability to stitch holes based on edge selection, and change topology as needed.
ZModeler Edge Stitch ZModeler Edge Swivel
Use this action easily swivel a single edge or multiple edges to create interesting shapes for modeling.
ZModeler Edge Swivel ZModeler Edge Transpose
This feature is extremely useful to isolate an edge with a mask, while enabling the transpose line make easy adjustments to your mesh.
ZModeler Edge Trans … Dynamic Subdivision
Learn the difference between traditional subdivisions and Dynamic subdivisions, and the power it gives to retain high resolution details while keep your polycounts low.
Dynamic Subdivision
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