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Point Bridge
Select points on your model to bridge new edges, try it by connecting Two Points or as a Ring Target for new unique shapes.
Point Bridge Point Crease
Generate new edges based on points that are clicked, this can create a crease effect when used with Dynamic Subdivision.
Point Crease Point Delete
With ease, delete unwanted points with this Action.
Point Delete Point Extrude
Depending on which point and which polygon is highlighted, Extrude geometry with precision and ease.
Point Extrude Point Make Curve
Easily create or delete curves point by point, use the curve with other Actions or Brushes to further progress your model.
Point Make Curve Edge Move Auto Radius
Discover the EdgeLoop Complete & EdgeLoop Partial Actions for easy manipulation of edgeloops.
Edge Move Auto Radius Edge Move Brush Radius
This Action will allow you to move model edges based on Target settings, see how it works with different draw sizes.
Edge Move Brush Radius
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