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Reference Introduction
Joseph Drust introduces the key features he will be covering in the following videos.
Reference Introduction Using Reference
This video demonstrates the various ways in which you can use reference in ZBrush help in your design process.
Using Reference An Introduction to ZBrush with Kurt Papstein
New to ZBrush? This video is perfect to get a basic understanding of some of the features in ZBrush to help you get started in your next illustration.
An Introduction to … ZRemesher
Joseph Drust demonstrates all of the features in ZRemesher, enabling you to get incredibly clean automatic topology.
ZRemesher Environments with Seth Thompson Part 1
In Part 1, Seth introduces the creative process for constructing his lantern. You'll see how separate pieces are developed using the Panel Loops feature.
Environments with S … Environments with Seth Thompson Part 2
Part 2 sees the development of a front panel for the lantern. This will serve as the basis for introducing duplicate parts. Some of the features you'll see in action include, the See-Through mode, Masking and Polygroups.
Environments with S … Environments with Seth Thompson Part 3
Next, Seth features the power of Transpose, Dynamesh and NoiseMaker. Follow along with Seth and build your very own lantern!
Environments with S …
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