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Edge Unweld
Discover the technique of the Unweld Action, disconnect edges of your model for future edits, lastly see how it works with Dynamic Subdivision.
Edge Unweld Edge QMesh
Not to be confused with the Edge Extrude Action, this acts in the same way but fuses the geometry when two edges meet. Watch the Poly QMesh video for more QMesh examples.
Edge QMesh Edge Bridge
Close holes on your model by clicking two edges, or change your Target setting to create tube-like shapes between holes.
Edge Bridge Point Transpose
Start the Transpose Action by clicking a point, use familiar Transpose functions on a single point, return to Draw mode to continue ZModeler functions.
Point Transpose Curve Bevel
After creating a Curve (see Poly Add to Curve, Edge Add to Curve, & Point Make Curve for examples), try the Bevel Action, add more control with the Modifiers.
Curve Bevel Curve Delete
Once a Curve has been created, use the Delete Action to get rid of any unwanted created Curves.
Curve Delete Curve Do Nothing
Turn this Action on to perform other ZModeler Actions while all current Curves remain dormant.
Curve Do Nothing
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