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Poly Spherize
Convert your entire mesh into a sphere, or generate circular elements to flat islands or polys, for further extruding options.
Poly Spherize Poly Inflate
This feature has a wide range of inflation controls when applying to a single poly, all polygons, and other target options.
Poly Inflate Poly Mesh to Brush
Generate a mesh for external usage, or generate a NanoMesh brush from the current tool you are editing on, to further your abilities to free flow model with ZModeler.
Poly Mesh to Brush Poly Add to Curve
Adding curve selections to your mesh will allow you to have precise control over beveling edges, Insert Mesh brushes, and much more.
Poly Add to Curve Poly Spin Edges
This feature gives you control of the allignment and orientation of nanomesh objects on a mesh.
Poly Spin Edges Poly Crease
Adding creases will give you the ability to retain hard edges, while keeping your polycount low without the need for edgeloops.
Poly Crease ZModeler Introduction
This video introduces you to the ZModeler Brush and a few of the basic functions you will need to get started.
ZModeler Introduction
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