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Architectural Design - Part 1
This tutorial series gets things started with the ZModeler Brush and NanoMesh to create a building base. Use NanoMesh's random, variation, offset, and rotation sliders to create a unique skyscraper look.
Architectural Desig … Architectural Design - Part 2
Now that you have your base building model ready after watching Part 1, let's modify your base model more with the ZModeler Brush.
Architectural Desig … Architectural Design - Part 3
Start this lesson with an introduction to Surface Noise, this will be used later to add more detail to your building. ZModeler is used again to create seperate assets for Alpha creation.
Architectural Desig … Architectural Design - Part 4
Now that you've created tileable assets from Part 3's lesson, let's create Alphas with help from the 2.5D features.
Architectural Desig … Architectural Design - Part 5
Using the Alphas created in the previous lesson, it's time to apply them using Surface Noise. This technique adds detail to your skyscraper, giving it a realistic effect when rendered.
Architectural Desig … Architectural Design - Part 6
We now have a fully modeled skyscraper building, let's render it with the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge!
Architectural Desig … ZModeler Introduction
This video introduces you to the ZModeler Brush and a few of the basic functions you will need to get started.
ZModeler Introduction
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